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Small businesses can face all kinds of issues. Thats's why we offer so many services to help you and your business succeed!


One of a kind personal consultation and planning to discuss your legal needs. Flat Rate Includes: Discussion of your legal issue, discussion of your legal options, discussion of how Brinkley Law can help, discussion of possible cost. 

Trademark Registration 

Filing Trademark with single class of goods and services. Flat Rate Includes: USPTO Trademark Knockout Search, Initial Filing, Reporting and responding to non-refusal Office Actions, Mailing Certificate of Registration, and Docketing post-registration renewal dates.



Demand Letter

When you provide a valuable good or service to someone, you expect them to pay for it. However, businesses are often required to deal with clients who may simply refuse to pay you what you deserve, and force your company to adopt different debt collection practices. One of the most effective ways to collect debt from a client is to send them a demand letter. Flat Rate Includes: 


Contract Review

Flat Rate Includes: Comprehensive review of contract, telephone consultation with attorney, letter from attorney with notes on contract, recommendation of alternative provisions. 

$350 (1-3 pages)

$650 (4-10 pages)

$850 (11-20 pages)

Employment Agreement

Employment agreements are essential to any business. These often control the employee's pay, terms of employment, grounds for termination, and their ability to work for a competing business at a later time. How well these agreements are prepared can effect their enforceability. Well-drafted employment agreements can help your business avoid liability or disputes that may lead to litigation. Flat Rate Includes: Consultation with attorney, discussion of any specific needs and concerns, custom written employment agreement.


Executive Employment Agreement

Need to bring on an executive or high level employee? We can help you negotiate and prepare an employment agreement that will put you in the best position to acquire that special talent your business needs! Flat Rate Includes: Consultation with attorney, negotiation representation, custom written agreement. 


Employee Handbook 


Operating Agreement 

Shareholder Agreement 

Independent Contractor Agreement/Subcontractor Agreement/Freelance Agreement

If you're hiring someone or being hired to provide services on a project specific basis, this agreement covers the relationship between the business and the independent contractor. Independent Contractors are not employees of the business and are responsible for their own tax liabilities. Flat Rate Includes: 


Social Media Influencer Endorsement Agreement

Promoting your business online? Using social media influencers to promote your business raises a number of issues related to compliance, content, platform, and performance. This agreement covers everything you need for hiring a social media influencer to promote your business online. Flat Rate Includes: Consultation with attorney, custom written employment agreement. 



Endorsement Agreement/Appearance Agreement 

Athlete, celebrity, or social media influencer endorsement or appearance agreement. Flat Fee Includes: 

Website Terms and Conditions 
Negotiation of licensing deals between artists and labels in regards to compilation albums.

Confidentiality/Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) 

If you're entering into business negotiations or otherwise sharing ideas, concepts or confidential business and trade secrets, this agreement protects your confidential or sensitive information from unauthorized disclosure. Flat Rate Includes: 


Non-Compete Agreement 

Flat Rate Includes: 


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