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protecting your online business reputation

Unique legal concerns arise with using social media to promote and grow your business. Brinkley Law will help you successfully navigate traditional and digital advertising, social media marketing, sweepstakes and contest, and building and defending your online reputation. 

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Don't risk your business and the reputation of your business by entering into a relationship with a social media influencer without a rigorous contract. 

Social Media Influencer Endorsement Agreement

A social media influencer endorsement agreement sets out clear terms, requirements, and expectations. Brinkley law can assist you in avoiding issues related to compliance, content, platform and performance.

Advertisement Review

False or misleading advertising, or failure to disclose can cost a business time and money. An experienced lawyer should always review your advertisement for compliance with state and federal law.

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Defamation and Online Reputation Management

A negative or false online review can be devastating to the reputation of your business and your bottom line.

Social Media Endorsement Policy

A Social Media Endorsement Policy will keep you in compliance when working with social media influencers. Brinkley Law will help you put this marketing policy in place to stay in compliance with federal and state law.

Confidentiality Agreement

No business should ever enter into a relationship with a third-party without some form of confidentiality agreement to protect business information from being shared. An experienced lawyer will make sure your business information is protected when working with a social media influencer. 


I've always been for the underdog. I, like so many of my clients, have a story of overcoming adversity to build something from nothing. I wanted to make sure new entrepreneurs starting out with limited resources had the opportunity to have access to high-quality contracts to protect their work, their creativity, their business. I've developed contracts just for you when promoting and growing your business online. Nothing is more devastating than facing legal consequences as a new business.

When you're starting out, even the smallest mistake can wreck havoc. These contracts are meant to get you started and keep you protected in your early days when your business is still in the start-up phrase. Don't face the "what if's" of not knowing what can happen. Make sure the legal foundation of your business is solid. 

-Sarah Brinkley 


CONTRACTS we provide

Social Media Influencer Contract 

You need this contract if you're working with an influencer to promote your brand or working with a "brand ambassador." This contract sets out the ownership and use of content, post scheduling and milestones, payment schedule, terms and conditions, and FTC compliance rules.

Confidentiality Contract 

You need this contract if you're working with any third-party to promote or grow your business online.

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Notice of Breach of Contract

You need this notice when an influencer has breached the Social Media Influencer Contract and you wish to immediately terminate the relationship.

Cease and Desist Letter

This letter is used when you're demanding an influencer to immediately stop engaging in slander and defamation of your business.

Compliance Guide

The Compliance Guide is a helpful step-by-step guide for working with a influencer to promote your brand.

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“Ms. Brinkley has been my lawyer for many years and she is always professional and prepared. She is honest and clear when it comes to legal matters, contracts and documentation and you can tell she truely cares about her clients and their wellbeing. 100% recommend this law firm.”


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