• Schedule One-on-One Phone or Video Consultation with Attorney Now

    1 hr

    250 US dollars
  • Schedule One-on-One Consultation with Attorney Now

    1 hr

    500 US dollars

Consultation Policy: 

All services require an initial consultation. If you retain Brinkley Law, the consultation fee is discounted from the cost of the service(s) provided. 

The consultation is a one-time commitment for a flat fee.  The reason we charge fees for consultations is because it takes a considerable amount of time to get all of the important information that we need to properly evaluate your case.  

Consultations may be in-person, over the telephone, or by Skype or Zoom. We also offer consultations to those who are detained in most counties in Indiana.  Payment for the consultation fee must be made before the consultation is scheduled.  No refunds will be made once the consultation begins, although we will generally honor a refund request made more than 24 hours before your appointment.  If you need to reschedule your consultation, you must do so more than 24 hours before your appointment, and you must reschedule within 30 days.

Please understand that by scheduling a consultation, there is no guarantee that Brinkley Law will accept your case.  The consultation fee is not refundable if we do not take your case because there are many cases that we simply cannot accept for ethical or other reasons.  However, if we agree to accept your case, and you hire us to begin working on your case within 30 days of your consultation, we will credit the consultation fee toward our services. The purpose of an initial consultation is for the attorney to advise you, the prospective client, what if anything, may be done for you, and what the minimum fee will be. The purpose is not to render a definitive legal opinion as it may be impossible to fully assess a matter within the time frame allotted for a consultation or with the (information or documents) that you may be able to provide at the initial consultation. 

By scheduling a consultation, you are not retaining an attorney. No attorney-client relationship is formed until a case is accepted by our office and a fee agreement is signed.