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Brinkley Law vigorously defends clients with a variety of criminal defense and traffic infraction matters. Below are common services offered to clients. 

Reduced-Rate Phone Consultation (By Phone or Video) 

One of a kind personal consultation by phone or video to discuss the best plan of action to vigorously defend and fight for your rights. Flat Rate Includes: discussion of your legal issue, discussion of your legal options, discussion of how Brinkley Law can help, discussion of possible cost.






In-Person Consultation

One of a kind personal consultation and planning at our office to discuss the best plan of action to vigorously defend and fight for your rights. Flat Rate Includes: discussion of your legal issue, discussion of your legal options, discussion of how Brinkley Law can help, discussion of possible cost. 







Have you been charged with Driving Under the Influence (DUI), Driving While Intoxicated (DWI), or Operating a Motor Vehicle While Intoxicated (OMVWI)? You could be facing jail time, lengthy probation, loss of driving privileges, substantial fines and fees, and a permanent conviction on your criminal record. You need an experienced attorney on your side.


Drug Charges

Have you been charged with Dealing or Possession of Marijuana, Methamphetamine, Cocaine, Synthetic Drugs or other substances? You could be facing serious prison time. You need an attorney who understands what you are going through and has specialized knowledge to successfully handle drug cases.


College Student Criminal Defense

If you're a college student who has been arrested for a crime, it is crucial that you seek the services of an experienced lawyer immediately. Your future could be at risk. Not only do you face criminal prosecution, possible fines, imprisonment and a criminal record, but you may also be subject to school suspension or expulsion. Young people make mistakes, but it shouldn’t ruin a promising future. Brinkley Law can represent your interests and seek a resolution that minimizes the impact and could even allow for expungement of any criminal record. 


Probation and Parole Violation Defense
The consequences for even the slightest violation of probation or parole can carry harsh penalties. This makes it critical for accused individuals to immediately learn about their defense options and fight back. Brinkley Law has experience helping clients avoid severe punishments for their probation violations. Brinkley Law will fight to make sure you get the justice you deserve. Contact our office to get help with your case before it's too late.


Traffic Infractions

The typical response to getting a driving ticket is to pay the fee. However, most traffic tickets actually count towards demerits on your driver's license, and tend to stay on your driving record for a long time, if not permanently. These tickets can leave a negative impression on insurance providers and potential employers. Dealing with traffic tickets with the help of a qualified traffic lawyer should be conducted immediately to avoid these future hassles.

Driver's License Suspension
It is difficult to imagine surviving in society without a car. So when you get notice that your driver's license will be revoked or suspended, the news is devastating and you need to contact an experienced license suspension attorney immediately. How will you get to work or school? To the doctor or dentist? Do your shopping? Visit friends? Take your children where they need to go? If it is your commercial driver’s license that is being taken away, your very employment and security are at risk. Contact our office immediately to get help with your driver's license suspension.


Sentence Modification

Are you or someone you know currently serving a sentence incarcerated at the Indiana Department of Correction, local county jail, work release, electronic home detention, or on probation? You may be able to modify this sentence with the help of Brinkley Law. A modification would allow for alternative placement or even reducing the sentence to time served. Call Brinkley Law today 317-643-1813 or book your consultation online now


Everyone, whether a minor or adult, makes mistakes in life. Sometimes, those mistakes involve the commission of a crime and, with that, the establishment of a criminal record. That record can create many problems in a person’s professional and personal life, which is why former offenders pursue a petition to seal or expunge their criminal records. In order to achieve success in restoring your good name, you have to follow a very strict process and to get through that process successfully, you need the help of a knowledgeable criminal defense lawyer. Brinkley Law understands the procedures and legal processes involved in obtaining an Order to Seal or Expunge your criminal record. Brinkley Law is committed to achieving positive results for our clients, whether they are an adult or a juvenile pursuing a fresh start in life. 










Attorney Brinkley has personally handled over 1,000 criminal cases. Prior to moving into criminal defense, Attorney Brinkley worked as a deputy prosecutor for the State of Indiana. As a deputy prosecutor, she led the prosecution of cases in Drug and Alcohol Court, Felony Court, Misdemeanor Court, and Traffic Infraction Court. After prosecuting cases for nearly five years, Attorney Brinkley realized her passion for defending the rights of the criminally accused. Today, she uses her "insider" knowledge to vigorously defend her clients.



  • Understands the criminal system, including how evidence is gathered and how police reports are created.

  • Recognizes how proactive representation can affect filing charges in the first moments after arrest. 

  • Knowledge of how the opposing prosecutors will try to develop a case against you. 

  • Identifies potential options that can question any evidence found in a way that could have violated your constitutional rights. 

  • Uses knowledge to prevent prosecutors from pursing a criminal conviction, which could improve your chances of charge reduction, acquittal, or even dismissal.


Brinkley Law is built around the client. So many law firms treat people like a file and not a human being. At Brinkley Law, we understand that legal troubles can be one of the most stressful things a person can go through. That is why communicating with our clients is top priority. Brinkley Law will vigorously fight for your rights, while keeping you informed. When you retain Brinkley Law, you will know exactly what you are getting. We will never take a shortcut in defending you.

In order to properly defend someone, we need to know more than just a case number. Brinkley Law takes the time to listen to our clients in order to grasp the bigger picture and your needs. There is absolutely no reason for you to feel alone in this process. We're on your team. Contact Brinkley Law today to schedule a consultation.

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