Website Terms and Conditions set out clear terms regarding the rules to which users are bound when visiting your website, provide important information regarding refunds and security, and are specifically targeted to protect your business when selling products online.


Who needs Website Terms and Conditions for a Business Selling Products?

Any business selling products online, seeking to protect their business, and seeking to limit the liability of the business should use these terms and conditions.


What’s Included:

Website Terms and Conditions for a Business Selling Products:

1. User rights and responsibilities

2. Security

3. Disclaimer

5. Limitation of Liability

6. Termination

7. Refund Policy

8. Cookies

9. External Links

10. Intellectual Property Rights

11. Copyright

12. Communication

13. Force Majeure

14. Notification of Changes


  • This legal contract template is attorney drafted and reviewed, however, there are no guarantees that this document will apply to, or protect your specific situation. Therefore, nothing in this legal contract template or any supporting documentation is legal advice. No attorney-client relationship is established by purchasing this legal contract template. If you have questions about specific terms of this contract template and whether it applies to your business, you should contact an attorney licensed in your jurisdiction. 


    Can I use this template in my state?

    This template was drafted using the principles of United States contract law and is for those doing business in the United States. Please consult with a licensed attorney in your jurisdiction if you have state-specific questions or questions specific to your business.



    Due to the non-refundable nature of digital products, all products are sold “as-is” and are non-refundable. All sales are final.

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