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Benefits of Having An Event Photography Contract

Suppose you are a photographer and your close friend calls to hire you for his wedding. Should you send him an Event Photography Contract? Suppose you are the close friend. Should you request for an Event Photography Contract?

Your answer in both cases should be, “Yes.” Sending or requesting for an Event Photograph Contract does not suggest mistrust. Rather, it suggests a clear understanding of the benefits of having an Event Photography Contract, even when the other party is a close and reliable friend.

What is an Event Photography Contract.

An Event Photography Contract is an agreement between the photographer and the client that lays out the obligations of both parties. This contract typically establishes the payment amount, describes the event, and adds terms that either party wishes to include.

Benefits of an Event Photography Contract.

Whether you are the photographer or the client, you stand to benefit from an Event Photography Contract. Here are a few ways how:

1. It can prevent misunderstandings.

Verbal agreements can create misunderstandings that are difficult to resolve. Such misunderstandings can lead to litigation and/or the deterioration of the photographer-client relationship. An Event Photography Contract can prevent misunderstandings by clearly establishing, in writing, the obligations of each party. This way, both parties know exactly what to do and what to expect.

2. It can foster trust.

A contract legally binds the parties and obligates them to perform. By signing an Event Photography Contract, the photographer and the client can trust that the other will perform. This trust can provide peace of mind and overall sense of security.

3. It can protect both parties.

As a photographer, you might want to use the photos to display samples, participate in exhibits, or enter into competitions. If so, you can include a provision in the Event Photography Contract that allows you to hold the exclusive right to use the images. Meanwhile, as a client, you might want to protect your privacy. If so, you can include a provision in the Event Photography Contract that limits the scope of the photographer’s use. Likewise, an Event Photography Contract can protect the interests of both parties.

4. It asserts professionalism.

Having an Event Photography Contract promotes professionalism. As a client, you would want a photographer who is and appears professional. As a photographer, you would want your client to respect and trust you. An Event Photography Contract can contribute to fostering such professional relationship.

5. It helps maintain the business relationship.

The abovementioned benefits allow for a successful business relationship that can potentially continue. As a photographer, you will get repeat-businesses; as a client, you will get a reliable photographer.

If you are a photographer or a client looking to draft your own Event Photography Contract, call Brinkley Law at any time at 317-643-1813.

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