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What Can I Expect From My Lawyer?

If you ever need a lawyer to handle your case, you will want one that can ease your mind in knowing that they will help you throughout the entire process. It all starts by finding an attorney that is best suited to manage your case. For that to happen a lawyer will need to provide certain expectations and keep you informed throughout this challenging time. There are things to expect from your lawyer, but it starts with these four points: (1) communication, (2) competency, (3) ethics, and (4) fees.

Communication is the forefront of all expectations. It is important for the client and attorney to correspond and communicate throughout the case. If you are having trouble with communicating with your lawyer, you may feel unsure about the quality of the case. You should always expect an overview of the case and the direction that things are going.

Competency is the second expectation to have from a lawyer. This is the lawyer’s knowledge and understanding of the case and legal issues. Lawyers can make mistakes, but you will want a lawyer that has the expertise in handling your case. If a lawyer makes a mistake that is is unreasonable, this is called malpractice.

Ethics is a set of rules and values that a lawyer must follow. This includes things like attorney-client privilege, advocating within the bounds of the law, putting the client’s interest ahead of their own, and representing the client’s interests zealously. Each state has their own ethics rules. However, there are general rules that cross the bounds of every state.

Fees have been a known problem that clients come across when hiring a lawyer. To avoid disputes and discrepancies make sure to get a fee agreement in writing and have a full understanding of the terms of the agreement. You should always ask questions if anything is unclear to you. If a lawyer is offering to represent you without a written fee agreement, RUN!

These are four expectations you should have from any lawyer you hire. Of course, there will be many other aspects of your client and lawyer relationship. However, these four aspects are the building blocks that must be present for any successful case.

If you have questions about your case, you can contact Brinkley Law at 317-643-1813 or book an appointment conveniently online by clicking here.

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