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What are Website Terms & Conditions?

Website Terms and Conditions set out clear terms regarding the rules to which users are bound when visiting your website, provide important information regarding refunds and security, and are specifically targeted to protect your business when selling products or services online.


Limits Exposure to Liability

Allows a business to limit the amount and type of damages for which the business can be held legally responsible.


Disclaims Warranties

Protects a business from being bound by warranties or guarantees regarding a product or service.


Sets Terms for Disputes

Allows a business to control when, where, and how a dispute by a customer may be resolved.

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Protects Intellectual Property

Allows a business to inform customers that the business is the owner of the intellectual property on the website. 


Protects against Unforeseen Circumstances

Excuses a business from performing a service or supplying a product in cases caused by unforeseen circumstances.


Regulate User Behavior and Conduct 

Allows a business to set the rules and guidelines customers must agree to follow in order to use and access the business’s website.

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Who Needs Website Terms & Conditions?

All businesses selling products or services seeking to protect their business and limit the liability of their business should have website terms & conditions. Legal action does not discriminate based on the size of your company or revenue. Terms and conditions give you a blanket level of protection in case of a lawsuit. In 2018, small businesses paid 182 billion in legal costs for liability claims.

Using Your Website Terms & Conditions

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Immediate Digital Download

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Apply Your Business Information 

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Upload T&C's to Your  Website

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Binding Legal Contract Complete

Benefits to You

The primary benefit to you is that this contract is attorney-drafted by an award-winning lawyer. It is drafted in such a way that it helps to mitigate and limit liability for your business if a lawsuit were to occur. Lastly, this contract includes easily forgotten clauses like a Defined Permitted Conduct clause or a clear Indemnification clause.

1.    Acceptance of Terms and Conditions
2.    Order Acceptance and Cancellation 
3.    Payment Terms
4.    Changes in Products and Pricing 
5.    Shipping and Return Policy 
6.    Advertising Disclaimer and Trademarks
7.    Disclaimer and Limitation of Liability 
8.    Arbitration Agreement and Class             Action Waiver 
9.    Digital Millennium Copyright Act      (“DMCA”) Notice

10.   Privacy and Customer Information

11.   Children and Data Collection

12.    Email Communications 

13.    Short Message Service (SMS)
14.    Service and Support
15.    Indemnity
16.    Release

17.     No Waiver
18.    Force Majeure
19.    Entire Agreement
20.    Severability
21.    Governing Law
22.    Contact




Total One-time Investment = $349.99

Disclaimer: This legal contract template is attorney drafted and reviewed, however, there are no guarantees that this document will apply to, or protect your specific situation. Therefore, nothing in this legal contract template or any supporting documentation is legal advice. No attorney-client relationship is established by purchasing this legal contract template. If you have questions about specific terms of this contract template and whether it applies to your business, you should contact an attorney licensed in your jurisdiction.  

Frequently Asked Questions

  • When I receive the template, can I edit the template and/or use the template more than once?"
    Yes, the templates are in Microsoft Word. Once received, you are able to use and edit the template.
  • Who are the legal contract templates for?
    The legal contract templates are for small business owners who need reliable contracts to protect their business, but aren’t ready to invest in fully customized contracts.
  • Can I use this template in my state?
    This template was drafted using the principles of United States contract law and is for those doing business in the United States. Please consult with a licensed attorney in your jurisdiction if you have state-specific questions or questions specific to your business.
  • Refunds
    Due to the non-refundable nature of digital products, all products are sold “as-is” and are non-refundable. All sales are final.
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